Eid ul Adha Dinner - ELection - Event of Excellence

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The Memon Association of Canada is pleased to announce the function of Eid-ul-Adha dinner on Saturday Sept 24, 2016 at 7:00pm. The event will be held at Candle Banquet Halls, 1224 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4Y 4A2, Tel: 905-848-3388.

There will be two main events at the Eid Dinner

1. Event of Excellence

2. Memon Association of Canada Election

The event costs are as follows for Members Children under the age of 5 are FREE Children over the ages of 5 and Adults $ 15 with PayPal Walk in $25 (subject to availability of seats) We highly encourage the community to pay with PayPal and save

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email: canadamemon@gmail.com.
Mohammad Ashfaq - President: ashfaqcanada@hotmail.com.

  • Junaid Saleem V. President
  • Yakoob kath - Secretary
  • Zakir Naviwala - J. Secretary
  • Altaf Khandwala - Tresurer
  • Amer Merchant
  • Abdullah Chutani
  • Ashraf Adamjee
  • faisal Motiwala
  • Kiflen Panwala
  • Sakib Merchant
  • Mohammad Amin Jangda
  • Shafi Kachalia
  • Naeem Khiyani
  • Zia hanif


    Inna Lillaahe Wa Inna Elaihe Rajeoon.

    We the Memons of Canada with profound sorrow and regret have learnt the demise of Mrs. Razia Bano, Mother of Lubna Yousuf yesterday Sept 11th 2016 in Karachi Pakistan.
    Inna Lillaahe Wa Inna Elaihe Rajeoon.
    We express our heartfelt condolences to all members of the family.
    This was Allah's wish and we all have to submit to his will.
    May Allah (SWT) rest the departed soul in eternal peace, forgive her shortcomings and sins and grant her a place in Jannatul Firdous Ameen!

    For Condolence please contact.
    Lubna Afzal Yousuf  : Cell: 647-701-4625
    Afzal Yousuf                Cell: 647-701-4626