New Committee Members for 2017 - 2018

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Alhamdulillah we were able to witness another successful Eid event. Today we elected 14 individuals to form the Memon Jamaat committee for 2017 - 2018. ( there were total 14 individuals who participated in election and all 14 were elected) :

The following names are of the 14 individuals

Arif Memon 647-897-7163
Ashraf Adamjee 905-452-2315
Ismail Mirza 647-893-1892
Junaid Saleem 416-305-9522
Mohammad Amin Jangda 416-854-1851
Naeem Khayani 416-570-9324
Nilofer Naz 416-876-6460
Owais Iqbal 416-294-7869
Parveen Bhalagamwala 416-533-1352
Rafiq Rokerya 905-826-6722
Shafi Kachalia 416-737-7869
Tariq Qasim 416-820-1778
Zakir Naviwala 647-937-3579


We would like to thank all of these individuals for taking on this initiative


Is Pleased to announce 

Venue: ERINDALE PARK, Area "A"
1695 Dundas St. West

DATE: 30th JULY 2017
TIME: Noon Till 7:00 PM

Please email at - - as to the number of people attending to give us an estimate so we can order the food.

Cost:   $ 12 dollars per person with Pay Pal. click the link for payment
             $20 for walk in.

To make this event a success, please email or call one of the Exec. Committee Member.

You are most welcome to bring the sports gear with you, such as cricket (bat, balls, wickets), soccer ball, etc... to have some fun together with friends and families.

For direction to Erindale Park go to -  and type in the address provided

Jazaka’Allah Khair



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Pictures of Last Event: Pictures on Facebook



BOD 2017 - 2018

Owais Iqbal - President:

  • Rafiq Rokerya V. President
  • Arif Memon - Secretary
  • Naeem Khayani - J. Secretary
  • Ismail Mirza- Tresurer
  • Ashraf Adamjee
  • Parveen Bhalagamwala
  • Junaid Saleem
  • Shafi Kachalia
  • Mohammad Amin Jangda
  • Tariq Qasim
  • Nilofer Naz
  • Zakir Naviwala


    Inna Lillaahe Wa Inna Elaihe Rajeoon.

    We the Canada Memons with profound sorrow and regret have learnt the demise of Haji Aziz father of Mohammad Ashfaq today in Karachi, Pakistan on Saturday 27th of June.

    Inna Lillaahe Wa Inna Elaihe Rajeoon.

    We express our heartfelt condolences to all members of the family.
    This was Allah's wish and we all have to submit to his will.

    May Allah (SWT) rest the departed soul in eternal peace, forgive his shortcomings and sins and grant him a place in Jannatul Firdous Ameen!