This is to Inform all Memon Association Members and all Memon Community that The Memon Association of CANADA 

Email: has been Hacked and compromised today morning, an unauthorised person has broken into our email and MailChimp, our bulk Email System and changed the Password. And all other recovery DATA

Anyone now receiving an email message from should be aware that the Ad-Hoc Committee that is now  running the Jamat has not send this message or email.

A Criminal Activiti Comlpain has been lodged.

We will keep you posted

Our New email for all Jamat Communication is as follows

Alhamdulillah we were able to witness another successful Eid-ul-Adha / Event of excelence / CANADA 150 Celebration on 22nd. Oct 2017, with 225 Memon Community Members attending, all attendees congratulated the committe for excelent organization, food was very much appreciated, specialy the appitizers, the award distribution to our community kids by our seniors and prominent members of our Memon Community was a high light, the Magazine Committe was congratulated personaly by most Memon Community members and were thanked for producing an excelent magazine in such short time, they also requested to continue this tradition for all major events.

The following names are of the 14 individuals of the Executive Committee

Arif Memon 647-897-7163
Ashraf Adamjee          416-526-3248
Ismail Mirza 647-893-1892
Junaid Saleem 416-305-9522
Mohammad Amin Jangda 416-854-1851
Naeem Khayani 416-570-9324
Nilofer Naz 416-876-6460
Ovais Iqbal 416-294-7869
Parveen Bhalagamwala 416-533-1352
Rafiq Rokerya 905-826-6722
Shafi Kachalia 416-737-7869
Tarique Kasim 416-820-1778
Zakir Naviwala 647-937-3579



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